Blackweb Universal Remote Codes for Sony Blu-Ray Player

Do you own a sony blu-ray player and want to operate it using blackweb universal remote? if yes, then our guide will definitely help you with setting up your blackweb universal remote for sony blu-ray player. To program a universal remote for your blu-ray player you must have blackweb remote codes for sony blu ray player. These universal codes work as a command and authenticate the access to control the electronic devices. 

Below here you will find a wide range of blackweb universal remote codes for sony blu-ray player that are compatible with major device brands and models. You just need to find out and choose a blackweb universal code according to the codes list version of your universal remote like you want blackweb remote codes for sony tv then choose sony brand. Our list contains more than one code for each brand so you can try each and every code till you find the perfect code for your remote. 


Blackweb Universal Remote Codes for Sony Blu-Ray Player List

Blackweb is one of the leading television brand in the industry and blackweb Tv usually comes with a remote control. But the Blackweb universal remote can be configured and setup to operate any device and brand after successful pairing. To pair a device with universal remote, you must need to know how you can pair the blackweb universal remote control to work with sony blu-ray player. This guide will provide you clear programming instructions with list of blackweb remote codes for blu-ray player. 

  • 1934
  • 1935
  • 1936

How to Program a Blackweb Remote for Sony blu-ray Player

Programming a blackweb remote to sony blu-ray player is quite easy with the given programming method and remote codes provided here. Below on this page we have updated keycode method that helps you easily setup your blackweb remote. Follow the step by step instructions posted here:

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Blackweb Remote Programming Using 4-Digit Keycode

1). Tap & hold on the power key until the remote power key indicator lights up red. 

2). The red light illuminator remains lit. 

3). Now choose the device you wish to program the remote from the device categories like CBL/SAT, TV, B-Ray, Stream, AUX, AMP etc.

List of Device

4). Here we have selected Blu-ray player.

5). Then enter the 4-digit code from the codes list available on this page below for the brand and category of your blu-ray device. 

blackweb 1

6). The red light indicator of power button turns off if the code entered was valid. If the power indicator light is still lit that means an invalid code is entered. 

7). If that is the case, you need to check the code list again and re-enter the code.

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That’s all about programming a blackweb universal remote to sony blu ray player using keycode method. Please share your feedback and suggestions with us regarding this article so we can make further improvements. We have covered almost all brands and device category blackweb remote codes that help you to choose the perfect remote code for your device and start programming the remote. Also, let us know if you are looking for any new universal remote code or program method that is still not updated here via comments. 

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