Blackweb Universal Remote Codes List

Are you looking for working blackweb universal remote codes? This is the perfect myblackwebremote universal remote control to operate a wide variety of electronic devices and compatible to work with all major remote brands and models. A blackweb universal remote control can operate multiple devices using a single remote after successful configuration using universal remote codes. 

Note: Below codes can work with all type of remotes such PCL1 PCL2 PCL3 etc..

To find out the perfect universal remote code for your device, you can make use of code finder tool of blackweb universal remote. This will quickly provide a list of compatible my blackweb remote codes for different home entertainment devices. If multiple blackweb universal codes are available for a device then you can try each and every code one by one till your remote programmed perfectly to operate all your device functions. Our article will help you in find out the best blackweb universal remote codes for your device and also we have posted step by step guide to program the universal remote using various methods.

Blackweb Universal Remote Codes List

Likewise other universal remotes, the blackweb universal remote pcl-x code list to pair it with the devices to operate their functions. The remote codes work as a command to access the device functions using the remote. Below here you will find a wide variety of blackweb universal remote control codes list that works with major remote brands and models. You can choose any of the code for your remote brand according to the code list version and start programming the remote control.

Blackweb Universal Remote Manual For All Devices

blackweb universal remote manual 1

How To Program Blackweb Universal Remote Control?

The blackweb universal remote can control up to 6 devices and easy to set up using simple programming instructions. There are several methods available to program the blackweb remote control which you can choose as per your choice. Here we have updated direct code entry and auto code remote programming methods with step by step guide.

You can program your blackweb universal remote in 3 easy steps that are as follows:

Step 1:

  • Tap & hold on the “Program” key until the power key lights up red.
  • The red indicator of power button light remains lit. 

Blackweb Program

Step 2:

  • Choose the device you would like to program from the category listed for devices such as TV, Stream, B-Ray/DVD,  AMP, AUX, SAT/CBL.
  • The power key indicatory light blink for once and then remain on.



Step 3:

  • Now enter the 4 digit universal code from the available code list of device category and brand of your electronic device. 
  • The red indicator of your power button turns off if you have entered the valid code.
  • If the power button light is still illuminating, that means the code you have entered is incorrect. In that situation, check the remote code list again and re-enter the alternative code.

blackweb 1








Program Blackweb Universal Remote Using Direct Code Entry

This method is perfect to program black web universal remote if you have a list of universal remote codes that works for your remote brand & model. If a remote doesn’t work with your remote you can try using alternative codes from the available codes list and repeat the same process again till the remote functions work perfectly as expected.

  • Click on the Program button that might turns your power button red.
  • Now select the device you would like to program like TV, blu-ray, DVD, SAT/CABLE.
  • The power key will blinks once and then remain lit.
  • Now go to blackweb remote website to search for codes
  • Select the device category
  • Select Device brand.
  • You will get your 4-digit black web universal remote control code.
  • Enter this 4 digit code in universal remote using the numeric keypad.
  • If the code you have entered is invalid the power key led indicator remains on.
  • After you have entered the correct code, the led indicatory of power button turns off.
  • Now Aim the remote at your device, and click on CH+ CH- to check the volume functions work correctly.
  • Check all the device functions using remote. Repeat the same process again for all your devices.

How To Program Blackweb Universal Remote Using Auto Code Entry

If you didn’t find blackweb remote codes to program your universal remote then you can program program a blackweb remote without a code using auto code remote programming method. In this process, the remote codes scan automatically in the system and bring out the perfect code for your home entertainment device.

  • Manually turn on the device you would like to program the black web universal remote control.
  • Press on the program button to go on the programming mode. It will turn on the led indicator of power key.
  • Then Choose the device you wish to program the universal remote like TV, DVD, SAT, CABLE, Stream etc.
  • The power button red indicator blinks once and then remains on.
  • Then press and hold on the “OK” key  from your blackweb remote. This will auto scan all the stored codes in the device.
  • Your device will turns off. It will take approximately 10 mins.
  • Release the OK key to store the codes. That’s all your device remote is programmed successfully.
  • Now tap on the power key. Check using Vol +- buttons if that work. Try using other keys to operate device functions.
  • If the remote is operating the device perfectly as expected. Then you’re all set.
  • Having an issue with operating functions you can try again using alternative code selection while auto scanning the device codes.
  • If none of the code works to program your blackweb universal remote control without code then you can program it using the direct code entry method mentioned above.


This article is all about setting up blackweb universal remote control in some easy steps. We have mentioned all the programming methods along with a wide range of blackweb universal remote control codes. Please let us know your feedback and suggestions on this article via comment sections so we will provide you more appropriate content. Also, let us know if you have any new code or looking for blackweb 6 device universal remote codes updated here.