Blackweb Universal Remote Codes for Sharp TV

When you purchase a sharp TV, the package arrives with a original device remote to access all its functions hassle free. But when you didn’t find your remote due to any reasons like damaged or lost remote, you will miss your favourite shows & web series. Also, finding a compatible remote of same or different brand is quite hectic task. Alternatively you can program your own replacement remote using a blackweb universal remote. This will not only operate all your device functions but also you can program it operate multiple devices using a single remote. Blackweb remote codes for sharp tv are essential to have while programming the remote control along with the remote programming instructions.

Blackweb Remote Codes for Sharp TV List

To program your sharp tv universal remote, you need codes for blackweb universal remote sharp tv that works to recognize the command by device and perform relevant actions. Below on the same page we have provided a large list of blackweb remote codes for sharp tv for all remote brands & types. SO you can easily find the best codes for your blackweb remote along with the programming guide and start programming the remote control.

  • 2464
  • 2491
  • 0223
  • 2352
  • 2489
  • 0004
  • 0006
  • 0020
  • 0122
  • 0123

How do I Program My Blackweb Remote for My Sharp TV

Remote programming blackweb remote for sharp tv is simple and quite easy tasks that anyone can do without being tech savy. If you have working remote codes and programming methods then you can do it by following a few steps. Here we have updated direct code entry method of remote programming with their steps as follows:

  • Manually turn on the device
  • Press device key such as TV on the blackweb universal remote. 
  • Tap & hold on the SETUP key on the blackweb remote. Till the indicator light flashes twice.
  • This shows that remote is in programming process.
  • Then enter the remote code that you find from the codes list available below.
  • Aim the universal remote to sharp tv device. Then press & hold the power key from the remote control.
  • Tap on the power key till the device switched off.


We hope you will find our sharp tv universal remote control article useful in programming the remote easily. Also, we have updated a wide variety of sharp tv codes for blackweb universal remote here. Let us know via comments if you are missing any new universal code that are not yet available here.

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