Blackweb Universal Remote Not Working Solutions

Below are the tips that helps you to troubleshoot and fix your blackweb remote programming problems and clear all your doubts. Before proceed further, make sure:

  • The remote you are programming is in correct device mode (TV, CBL/SAT, Stream, B-Ray/DVD).
  • Batteries are new and inserted properly.
  • To remove any issues between remote & the device, make sure that you are pointing out the remote to device at the IR’s sensor.

1). Remote can’t program to operate my device


If you have used direct code entry method to enter codes for your brand and still the device is not operating properly, then try using auto code search method.

  • To program combo device like TV/DVD or TV/VCR, must program the individual corresponding device keys to operate each part of combo devices.

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2). Some of the remote keys are not supported or working properly on my devices


  • It might possible the code you programmed is not compatible with your device.  try choosing the alternative code from the available options for device  category and brand.
  • Some keys are from the original device remote that are not supported.
  • You have clicked on the invalid device for device category mode the remote is programmed.

3). Remote will not change the channels on my device


  • Make sure remote is programmed in the correct device category mode that operates the channel.
  • Try pressing the enter key after entering a channel number

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4). Remote will not adjust volume on my device


  • You need to make sure that the blackweb remote is in correct category mode that controls the device volume.

5). The Device’s menu or the app hub doesn’t not appear


App hub and menu access is not supported for all brands. You need to use original remote control to access the menu functions/app hub for some devices.

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6). Remote’s light is blinking


If the indicator light flashes 3 times while using the blackweb soundbar remote, this may indicate the batteries need to be replaced.

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