Blackweb Universal Remote Codes for DVD Player

Blackweb universal remote works with all kind of home entertainment device to program and operate the device functions. If you have lost or damaged your original device remote then the best option is to program a blackweb universal remote to setup control and operate the device functions. 

Blackweb Universal Remote Codes for DVD Player List

You can also program and operate up to six devices using a single blackweb universal remote. To program a blackweb remote, you must need to working blackweb remote codes for dvd player. We have also updated a wide list of blackweb portable dvd player codes and blackweb remote codes for onn tv along with remote programming methods to setup remote control easily.  There are various programming methods available for blackweb universal remote so you can choose any method based on your convenience and setup the remote control.

How to Program Blackweb Universal Remote To DVD Player Without Code

In case, you didn’t find the Comcast remote codes to program your dvd player, then you can also program it without using the code. You need to follow the below give step by step instructions to setup your remote control without codes:

  • Switch on your DVD player or the device you wish to program.
  • From the remote, tap the TV/DVD or AUX device category button.
  • Tap and hold on the setup key until the DVD or AUX button blinks for two times.
  • Now you need to type 991 using the remote keypad. Then click on 0 for another cable box, 1 for a TV, 2 for a DVD, VCR or PVR or 3 for audio devices.
  • Then tap the power key and aim the remote at the DVD Player.
  • Click on the channel up button until the device turns off. Release the key when the device turns off.
  • Tap on the setup key to lock in the IR code. the TV or DVD player button blink twice.
  • Aim the remote to device and check if that works as expected by turning the device on and off. If the device doesn’t works perfectly, navigate back to step 2 and repeat the same process.

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Blackweb DVD Player Replacement Remote

If you have a dvd player, for which you would like to setup a replacement remote. Then blackweb universal remote is the perfect remote for you to replace the original remote. This may have all the functions that a original dvd player remote can perform. Along with this, you can operate multiple devices using a single remote which helps you to remove the clutter of having individual remotes for every device you apply this for example blackweb universal remote codes for emerson tv. Replacing the original dvd player remote with blackweb remote is perfect idea if you are looking for a time saving and cost-effective option.


Blackweb universal remote codes for DVD layer are available on this page along with remote programming methods to help you setup the remote control easily. We hope you would find our article useful in programming the remote control. Let us know your suggestions and feedback about this article so we can make improvements. 

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