Blackweb Universal Remote Codes for Philips TV

Have you bought a new Blackweb universal remote? If yes, then you are lucky to have this remote control because you can setup and program all your entertainment devices using this remote. In a worst scenario if you lost of damaged your original device remote then this universal remote is cost & time saving trick to get your remote control ready in short time and continue the entertainment. 

Also, you can configure and operate multiple devices using a single blackweb universal remote control. It will clear the clutter from your table and you don’t need to find a particular device remote to access their functions. We have also provide you a wide range of blackweb universal remote codes for philips tv in this guide along with the remote programming methods. 


Blackweb Remote Codes for Philips TV List

To program any blackweb universal remote with Philips TV, there are two most required things without that you can’t setup the remote control. Those are blackweb remote codes for Philips TV and remote programming instructions. To help you programming your remote control, we have listed down a wide variety of blackweb universal remote codes for Philips TV. 

3535, 1154, 2477, 2495, 0081, 0086, 0154, 1141, 1772, 0205, 2091, 0003, 0062, 0208, 1776, 1149, 0183, 2427, 0199, 0200, 0206, 0207, 2439, 2120, 0204

The list consists of all types of codes including 3 digit, 4 digit, and 5 digit remote codes. Check our blackweb  remote code for Philips tv list and select any remote code that you find suitable for your remote brand & type. After programming if your remote doesn’t control the device functions then you can try using another remote code or try changing the programming method.

How to Program a Blackweb Universal Remote for Philips TV?

Programming a blackweb universal remote control for phlips tv is quite easy if you have working remote codes and programming instructions with you. It only takes a few moments if you follow the instructions carefully. Several programming methods are available for Philips tv universal remote control setup such as manual installation, auto code search, and direct code entry methods.

 All work similarly with a few variations. So you can choose any of the programming processes that you find convenient for you. Here we have updated direct code entry method with step by step instructions. Before moving forward, make sure that your remote have working batteries. 

  • Switch on the Philips TV device manually.
  • Tap & hold on the Program key until the led indicator illuminates. The indicator light remains lit.
  • Select a device from the device category you wants to control. The indicators light blinks once and then remain lit.
  • Aim the remote control at device and then tap & hold OK key until device switches off. The indicator light wills flashes as the codes are being tested.
  • Release the Ok key when the device switches off immediately. The light indicator will turns off. Test the universal remote with device to ensure that all the functions are accessible as expected.


We hope you will like our blackweb universal remote for Philips tv article. Please let us know your suggestions and feedback on this via comments. Also, write us if you are looking for any new universal remote codes that are still not available on our website.

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